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If your child is facing mental health challenges, seeking help from a psychiatrist can be a positive step. Psychiatric treatment has proven to be highly effective in reducing problems at home, school, and in relationships for children and adolescents. The earlier the child receives help, the greater the chances of seeing improvements and reducing the risk of developing other mental health conditions in the future. Therefore, it is recommended to seek professional help for your child's well-being without any delay.

When should I seek care for my child?

person with depression
angry person
person with Bipolar
person with PTSD
person with ocd


What is the benefit of taking my child to see a psychiatrist?

If your child is struggling with mental health challenges, seeing a psychiatrist is a positive step. Psychiatric treatment is very effective with children and adolescents at reducing problems at home, in school, and in relationships. The earlier a child receives help, the sooner you are likely to see improvements and the less likely the child is to develop other mental health conditions down the road.

When should I seek care for my child?

Every child is different, but here are some general signs and symptoms:

  • Behavioral issues at school or home

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Changes in hygiene or eating

  • Withdrawal from favorite activities or isolation

  • A recommendation from your child’s teacher

  • A recommendation from your child’s pediatrician

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