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Revive Therapeutic Services stands ready to provide you with the exceptional mental health and psychiatric services delivered by our experienced team. Take just a few moments now to complete your intake forms, so that one of experts can get in touch within 1 business day – transforming well-being into an exciting journey!


-Medication management is a process of overseeing medications prescribed to patients for mental health conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, ADHD and more. This includes tracking medication effectiveness, monitoring side effects, and making changes to medication if needed.

-Medication management and psychotherapy can both be very helpful for managing mental health conditions by helping reduce symptoms such as depression or anxiety, increase focus/concentration in cases of ADHD, improve mood stability in bipolar spectrum disorders etc., Depending on the severity of your condition it may be beneficial to use both approaches together in order maximize effectiveness.

- Yes! All conversations shared between client and mental health provider remain confidential except in extraordinary cases outlined by law such as suspected child abuse/neglect; any medical record documents generated during our sessions are kept securely in accordance with HIPAA regulations so you don't have worry about unauthorized individuals accessing private information provided during treatment! In order to ensure the safety of our clients and those around them, we take necessary steps by reporting suspected child abuse or neglect as well as any threats towards self-harm. We trust in the work done by local Child Protection services and law enforcement agencies to handle these delicate situations with care.

- Sessions typically last between 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on each patient’s specific needs though this may vary; however there is usually enough time available during each session for us explore all relevant topics in depth; If any additional time is needed we can usually arrange that too.

-Psychotherapy involves talking to a trained therapist that will ask questions and provide feedback to help you understand your thoughts and feelings better and learn new ways of thinking and behaving. The aim of psychotherapy is to help you develop healthier coping skills, manage stress more effectively, build self-esteem, resolve conflicts with others, reduce symptoms of depression or anxiety etc., depending on the needs of the client.

- During your first appointment at Revive Therapeutic Services we will start by learning more about you - this typically involves having a conversation about your current situation (including what brings you here at present) as well as past experiences relevant for understanding the issue better. We will then discuss various treatments options available before deciding on a plan tailored specifically towards achieving your therapeutic goals!

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