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Don’t let medication interfere with your mental health treatment – let us help you manage it. Our team of dedicated psychiatrists and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners have years of experience developing personalized treatment plans that are tailor-made for each patient. We understand the importance of focusing on maximizing the beneficial effects of the medications and therapies that are available, and we’re dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable environment where you can get the care you deserve.

What should I expect from my first psychiatry or medication management appointment?


  • You'll start with an intake assessment where you'll be asked about your medical history, existing conditions, allergies, and current medications. The psychiatrist will also inquire about your mental health history, including prior diagnoses and treatments.

  • You'll discuss the specific symptoms or issues that have led you to seek medication management.

  • You'll talk about your goals for treatment and what improvements you hope to achieve with medication. If you've tried psychiatric medications before, you'll discuss your experiences with them. 


  • The psychiatrist will explain medication options, including benefits, side effects, and how they work.

  • You'll receive information about the recommended medication(s) and have the chance to ask questions. You'll discuss the risks and benefits, and provide informed consent if you choose to proceed.

  • The importance of ongoing monitoring for assessing medication effectiveness and side effects will be explained.
    You'll discuss when and how you'll follow up, including scheduling future appointments.

Treatment Plan and Monitoring 

  • A treatment plan will be developed, outlining the chosen medication, dosage, and any additional interventions. If you and the psychiatrist agree on a medication, the prescription will be sent to your pharmacy. You'll discuss when to start the medication and any specific instructions.

  • The initial session for medication management lasts around 60 minutes and follow up sessions 30 minutes.

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