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Revive Therapeutic Services offers mental health services to any Rhode Island resident looking to explore their options around medical marijuana. Schedule an appointment to get an evaluation and determine if medical marijuana may be the right solution for you.



Patients are better able to take control of their treatment and education thanks to our team of board-certified psychiatrists, who use their expertise in medical marijuana therapy to advise and empower patients. For our patients to embark on a course of natural recovery that is more efficient and beneficial, we assist them in gaining the knowledge necessary to comprehend and converse with local dispensaries about a broader range of medicinal marijuana strains.

Medical Marijuana Certification Process

  • Eligibility confirmation

To begin, we’ll discuss your medical history and current symptoms to see if medical marijuana would be a good fit for you. Our practice demands a one-time, non-refundable fee to verify your eligibility for medicinal marijuana use because insurance providers do not engage in the certification process. We will not charge you if you are not eligible to consume medical marijuana.

  • Evaluation

Our board-certified psychiatrists will review your health records and medications to ensure that your prescribed treatment does not interfere with your usage of marijuana. As a holistic clinic, we provide follow-up assistance, including tailored dosage advice and assessing how cannabis interacts with your entire health.

  • Registration

You can register for the Medical Marijuana Registry Program with the Rhode Island State Department of Health if you are deemed medically qualified for it. You will receive a state-licensed dispensary registration card from them.

  • Follow up

Several reasons necessitate that you schedule follow-up visits with your physician. For starters, maintaining a current license is essentially a state requirement. A six month follow-up is required by the state for maintaining your Medical Marijuana License.The follow-up appointments are mandatory per The Department of  Health [R21-28.6-MMP], section 2.5(e).

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