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Suicide Prevention: Seeking Help for Mental Health by Revive Therapeutic Services

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Suicide Prevention Starts with Seeking Help for Mental Health Issues

The tragedy of suicide is not only devastating for the survivor’s family and friends but also deeply affects entire communities. It’s important to talk openly about suicide and make sure those who are struggling feel comfortable seeking help for mental health issues. We believe that creating an environment where individuals can access resources and support has the power to save lives.

At Revive Therapeutic Services, we understand that suicide prevention starts with mental health awareness. Every year, more than 44,000 people take their own lives in the United States alone. As a clinical practice that provides services to teenagers (14-18), young adults/college students, adults, parents, couples, families and older adults, we strive to spread awareness about suicide prevention and mental health issues.

Recognizing When Someone Needs Help

When it comes to recognizing when someone needs help for mental health issues like depression or anxiety, it’s important to be aware of warning signs such as drastic changes in behavior or mood swings. Other signs include withdrawing from social activities or isolating oneself from family or friends as well as increased drug or alcohol use. It’s also important to look out for comments such as expressing feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness as well as talking about wanting to die or engage in self-harm behavior.

If you know someone who is exhibiting any of these signs and behaviors it’s essential that they seek help immediately from a mental health professional before they become suicidal. Additionally, if you have thoughts of ending your life yourself it is important that you reach out right away either through a trusted friend oor family member –or a therapist— so you can get the help you need before things become more serious.

Are you seeking help for mental health issues? Mental Health Treatments are Available at Revive Therapeutic Services

At Revive Therapeutic Services we evaluate and treat a wide range of mental health diagnoses including Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar spectrum disorders, ADHD, PTSD, Life transitions, Addiction and other psychiatric disorders through individual therapy sessions with our clinicians, couples therapy sessions with both partners present during each session as well as genesight testing which is used for medication management purposes and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) which is used when clients are considering alternative treatment methods without the use of medications. We strive to provide our clients with an evidence-based approach that helps them improve their wellbeing while reaching their goals in life.

If you have been struggling with suicidal thoughts or need help managing your mental health symptoms please contact us today so that we can support you on your journey towards recovery and improved quality of life. Take the first step today toward getting the help you need by calling us at 401-648-7172 now!

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