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Reviving Mental Health Care in Rhode Island: The Journey of Akos Antwi and Revive Therapeutic Services

Our co-founder was recently highlighted by the University of Rhode Island---

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In the heart of Rhode Island, a beacon of hope shines for those navigating the complexities of mental health care. Revive Therapeutic Services, co-founded by the visionary nurse practitioner, Akos Antwi, has quickly ascended to the forefront of behavioral health services in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. With a robust team of over 55 providers and serving more than 3,500 clients, Revive Therapeutic Services exemplifies what it means to deliver compassionate, comprehensive care.

Akos Antwi, a proud graduate of the University of Rhode Island ('14), embarked on a mission to create a "one-stop shop" for mental health services. This innovative approach was driven by a simple, yet profound, realization: the need for a seamless environment where clients could access a spectrum of services without the burden of external searches. "We wanted a place where the client would have options if they needed an additional service and they wouldn’t have to look elsewhere. They could just get that service in-house," Antwi reflects. This client-centered philosophy ensures that each individual's path to wellness is supported holistically, addressing all their mental health needs under one roof.

A Passion Ignited

Antwi's passion for psychiatry was sparked during her clinical rotations at URI’s Nursing Education Center, where a professor connected her with Butler Hospital. This experience not only solidified her dedication to mental health but also highlighted the importance of compassionate care. Her commitment to the field was recently celebrated with a 10 Under 10 award from the URI Foundation & Alumni Engagement in 2024, honoring her impactful contributions to nursing and her innovative approach to mental health care.

Expanding the Vision

Beyond the remarkable growth of Revive Therapeutic Services, Antwi is broadening her impact through wellness workshops aimed at supporting the community and promoting a more expansive view of mental health and wellness. These workshops are particularly focused on healthcare professionals, encouraging them to prioritize their own mental health to maintain their passion and dedication to caring for others. "I just want to make sure that everybody knows we’re out here," Antwi says. "We’re here to help, even if you don’t reach out to us. There’s always someone around that you can reach out to. Don’t be afraid to just do it."

A Call to Action

Akos Antwi and Revive Therapeutic Services embody the essence of innovation in mental health care. Their comprehensive approach not only battles the challenges of waitlists and fragmented care but also nurtures a community where mental health is prioritized, and support is readily available. This story is more than an account of professional achievement; it's a call to action for individuals and communities to engage actively in mental health dialogue and support.

Revive Therapeutic Services stands as a testament to what can be achieved when passion meets purpose. Akos Antwi's story is not just inspiring—it's a blueprint for the future of mental health care. For those seeking support or interested in learning more about the holistic services offered by Revive, the door is always open, and the path to wellness is just a step away.

In the spirit of Akos Antwi's message, we encourage everyone to reach out, engage in the conversation, and remember that mental health care is a vital component of our overall well-being. Together, we can continue to break down barriers and foster a community where everyone has access to the care they deserve.

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